Wednesday, February 15, 2017


What is the deep truth beneath Trump's squabble with the US intelligence community? We can only speculate, and as we all know there is the public version of events and the real version of events known only to the political players. It is also impossible to know what is inside of another human being's head.

In recent years, there has been an absolute flood of incredible socio-political documentaries that have migrated onto pay to view channels such as Netflix, the agents have posted links to the best of these documentaries over the years on The Object Report web page feed. Based upon the hard work and endeavors of truth seekers, writers and film makers - we know of two global level players who appear to be behind, literally, everything political and financial.

Here we proudly present, of course, the Military Industrial Complex or MIC, and amazingly this is no theory when we speak of the MIC, as we have the infamous warning of their existence and intents from President Eisenhower's farewell public speech of 1961.

The second global superpower is the International Banking Cartel or IBC, and certainly after all of the financial crisis the last couple of decades, we not only know of its existence we have all felt the very tremors of their fiscal conquest. Popular culture has even invented the nickname of "Banksters" which sums it up all so well.

Another global, or possibly cosmic level player we have gotten wind of, but that is not listed with these other alphabet soup clowns is the Secret Space Program or SSP. There is a great likelihood that the SSP is kin to the MIC, but more a tumor, a spawn that was formed within the MIC womb and began to grow in power and scope beyond what the host likely knew of or could contain. There is also the possibility the SSP grew in parallel to the MIC and this is the subject of great debate currently.

What relationship do the MIC, IBC and SSP have to each other? Three alpha male polar bears surveying their expanse of broken ice, their valued fiefdoms. We know the alphabets have basic requirements, or nutrients, necessary for sustaining their existence. The first is the root of all evil, MONEY. The second is the root of all money - POWER. Look at any megalomaniac, dictator or sociopath and you will find an unhealthy appetite within their mental membrane for money and power. Control could be said to be the physics or rules behind money. These exclusive organizations owe their very existence to the sustained vibration of money, power and control. There is of course nothing wrong with money or power, if it is used to assist others, however alphabet soup clubs have continuously expressed through history, action and words - their motives and wants have little to do with humanitarian causes.

Now, the SSP lot represent a wild card of sorts, as their source of money might indeed be tax dollar based, however their power stream may come from an entirely different source altogether. Here we are speaking of possible SSP-ET contact and exchange of tech and information and bonus reversed engineering from crashes or ET-Human secret exchanges. This is wild stuff, but the SSP-ET theories are sound, somewhat predictable, and go back into human socio-economic history a good ways - thus we have little puffs of smoke here and there, hinting at dark government program, the lore of MIB.

How does POTUS ERECTUS fit into this very moment in time, when everything fundamentally human seems to be in flux? What should we make of the social media feud between Trump and the intel community? Trump has shown he wants to make this fight a public scrap and the intel community thrive in the shadows. It would be logical to lump the intelligence community either in the MIC camp and possibly some factions of the intel with the SSP camp. This would place the US intelligence community at odds with the IBC, generally speaking. The lickety-split fashion Trump stacked up his cabinet with well known Banksters, left little doubt which side of the field he is on - almost as if making a statement.

Trump, who made his name in New York, also took 911 quite personal. He made several, ripping public comments about 911 and was on the Howard Stern show, making remarks about an "inside job" and hinted at that time he did not look favorably upon the US intel community. All incoming US presidents are either compromised by their ascension into power and thus come in with a handicap or vulnerability or they simply have their hands tied once in office given the momentum and power of embedded lobbyist, old money and precedence. The US economy and military is too massive to steer quickly, it is a supertanker and large military and financial maneuvers span beyond any singular president. The real power players are those not-elected who have rose into power not through the vote but the cut to the throat. Cronies can remain around long enough to see long term missions come to fruition. Would a new president really want to make profound changes anyway? Nobody wants to be the first to be evicted from the Big Brother house and likewise, I bet nobody wants to be known as the POTUS who crashed America onto the rocks. I assume once in office, most presidents walk on eggshells and wave with smiles. All is well.

Looking at Donald Trump, it is generally accepted that he shows STRONG narcissistic traits, known medically as NPD, demonstrating over time a life mission bent on absolute control and subjugate praise. The big question being "is Trump Truly Rogue"? If he is a loose canon, the timing could be interesting. What is going on with the Russian connection? If it represents the IBC, then we are looking at strong money networks, that other countries would also certainly consider a national security issue. There are the rumors that Trump is not happy being president or is not mentally fit to be POTUS. Howard Stern has remarked on this, several US medical doctors voiced their unified concern of his mental state. If Trump goes to war with the US intel community, it will be Clash of the Titans. Trump himself is not a titan, but now he is the office of the President of the United States, and Commander in Chief. Does the modern day office of US President hold real power? This is another burning question and the events that play out now over Trump's presidency will not only dramatically reveal the level of power that POTUS inherits both in terms of the US constitution and contemporary power politics - the testing of the office of the Commander in Chief could fundamentally shift the alphabet soup pecking order and the punchline here is that the pecking order cannot be shifted. Not without bringing down the entire World Order.

Snowden and Wikileaks have already revealed the awesome scope of insanity and thirst for power the NSA and dark government have. They have zero respect for the ordinary human, we are regarded simply as numbers and threat levels. The POTUS cannot perform his or her duties and make international estimates and give global orders if they do not have proper, distilled reports and latest intel. When we look at Trump's coming term in office, the MIC might withhold intel or even worse use their intel to go after POTUS! Trump isn't one for losing and he is certainly not going to take orders from others, ha. If he cannot have his way, I am speculating that Trump will have a reactor core meltdown and will go on a rampage. Trump fits the historical profile of a tyrant and dictator and history has shown these personality profiles tend to want to burn everything to the ground if they cannot own it and have their way. Incredibly, Trump faces a presidential implosion threat from his own entourage, it appears he has encircled himself with minions of the lowest character who lack necessary connections and skill sets needed to function in Washington DC. I see a basic truth here - Trump does not like people. He sees reality through the filtering lens of a narcissist and as such he despises people. Of course Trump despises his fellow man, we all do. However, most people are forgiving and compassionate, thought processes which neutralize the acid of ego. Trump lacks compassion, he is not balanced. This translates into a truly, uncontrollable personality that is unpredictable to both friend and foe. I bet good money, the goons and analysts deep within the think tanks of the NSA and SSP know and knew Trump was mathematically unpredictable.

If Trump's presidency goes into gridlock and he catches a fleeting glimpse of the ghost of POTUS future -- visions himself as being the epic tool who steered America onto the rocks -- Trump's ego may go into unstoppable meltdown and he could initiate the failed dictators revenge mode of burn everything and everyone. If I'm going down, I will take everyone with me. If Trump began to lose altitude and foresaw a stall and spiral, he might really go to war with the intel community. Trump would likely go for the throat and go after their most prized asset - the SSP. The prime tactic of the intel community is to silence a threat or destroy the threat's reputation using black ops. This appears to have kicked off in record speed with the current POTUS. Trump would be made aware of this keenly, given the defensive nature of the entourage surrounding him. Imagine the paranoia! Trump may decide to do a POTUS first and go on the offensive. If this happens, then we might see a substantial crack in the force field of the MIC and SSP. Keep in mind that even something so infinitesimally small as a mere official, US gov acknowledgement of an SSP group would be catastrophic for the intel community as a whole. We are speaking of hard-earned containment here and containment of such a steamy, explosive, cosmic secret only works if all alphabet soup players agree to disagree.

Any good and proper insight on our part into the US secret government and alphabet soup gangs need always go beyond two dimensional thinking. We should be clever and think outside the box. Are the MIC, SSP and IBC at odds and if so... WHY?

Agent D

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